Meet The Rolfs – 18kg Down and Loving Life! #3

rolfI’m so excited right now …. I officially launched my new training and nutrition programs 8 weeks ago and this week the first people who joined are finishing the #NOEXCUSES and #NOLIMITS program with some incredible results.

When you spend a long time developing programs like this there is NOTHING more satisfying than receiving emails like the one I got yesterday from Jo who has just finished #NOEXCUSES along with her husband…. between them they lost and incredible 18.2kg!!! What impressed me the most is that Jo sees that the 8 weeks was just the start and is determined to make sure she ‘never goes back to where they were’…. LOVE it!!!

Here is the email I received yesterday from Jo…..

“Thank you thank you!!! You are one amazing lady…. I am so grateful for everything you have done in putting this program together. I remember at the beginning thinking 56 days seems like a long time, but here we are on day 57!! We did it…. 

I have lost 7kgs, I started out at 63kg and now I am 56kg, that was my goal for the 8 week to get back to 56kgs, now I have another goal of 54kg. (I’m even starting to get knobbly bits on the top of my shoulders) haha!! 

My husband came along for the ride too and started out at 90kg and is now 78.8kg, 11.2kg loss. 

It has been a fantastic 8 weeks, we had our struggle days of course but we stayed focused and put in the hard work and it certainly pays off! 

I’ve attached some after photos taken this morning (still half asleep), I actually didn’t take any before shots but I found a photo of the 2 of us taken in March, I didn’t realise how terrible we looked! 

Thanks again Kim, I am forever grateful your knowledge and support is invaluable and I look forward to joining your new support group. 

Love Jo xxx”

If you want to start an 8 week journey that can make an amazing difference to your life, check out my new programs and my introduction videos here……

Click here for #NOEXCUSES 8 Week Weight Loss Program

Click here for my #NOLIMITS 8 Week Challenge to get Lean and Build Muscle

Thanks so much for your email and kind words Jo, you absolutely made my day and showed people exactly what is possible with the right plan and some real dedication and commitment!

Kim x