4 Simple Training Tips for Weight Loss (Plus Get My Free Training Guide)

dsc_6798-webSometimes it can be ‘information overload’ when it comes to how to train, especially for weight loss. I like to make things as simple as possible, so today I am sharing 4 simple training tips to help you train if weight loss is your goal.

Tip #1

If you are doing cardio training, do it early before you eat breakfast. Your body is in it best possible fat burning position as you haven’t eaten for 10-12 hours. it might take some getting used to to set the alarm earlier to get up and train but you will notice the difference and probably become hungrier later in the day, which is a great sign of your metabolism working.

Tip #2

Don’t over train! Its natural to think the more you train the more weight you will lose, but this is not the case. If you over train your body it releases a stress hormone which can actually prevent weight loss. Listen to your body, if you are really sore and tired take a rest day and enjoy it!

Tip #3

Try and wait half an hour after you train before you eat, this will help maximize your fat burning potential. Its normal to be really hungry after you train, especially with weights but if you can wait 30 minutes it will make all the difference to your results.

Tip #4

Don’t ignore the weights room. Weight training is essential for fat loss! In simple terms when you do cardio training you are burning calories when you are actually training and up until you eat afterwards. When you weight train however you are building more lean muscle, so your body has to work harder to maintain it, so you burn more fat at rest. I would suggest 2 weight sessions a week for beginners and 3-4 cardio sessions of varying length.

I hope you find these tips useful, please keep in mind they are general rules that are designed to steer you in the right direction and there is a complex science behind each one …. but as I say I like to make things as simple as possible!

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Kim x

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