The Secrets Behind ‘My Fabulous Treats’ & My Brand New Recipe for Sticky Date Pudding!

dsc_9561-web bleach bypassIf you had told me three years ago that thousands of people would be downloading recipes of mine from the internet and that I would have a self published cookbook, I honestly would have told you that you had lost your mind! But this is exactly what is happening today and its actually kind of surreal for me as my family will tell you that until I started to focus on creating meals and treats using whole natural foods, I would have been in the running to possibly be the worst cook in the world!

Eating well is a passion of mine, I love to eat and I love to eat good food…. when I say good food I am talking about whole natural foods, foods that haven’t been manufactured or altered in any way. I believe that these are the foods are bodies are supposed to eat and that your body and mind will perform at their best when fueled this way. People might think I am a bit strange (especially on planes when I start pulling out containers of tuna and salad for my DIY in flight meal) but I would challenge you to eat clean for two weeks straight (no refined sugar, alcohol, packaged food and lots of lean protein, veges and good sources of carbs) and tell me you don’t have more energy, sleep better and feel amazing!

I do however have a sweet tooth and this is how I became interested in creating healthier alternatives to everyone’s favourite treats and desserts. I started to post them on my Facebook page about 18 months ago and everyone seemed to like them so I now offer them free on my website and I try to create at least two new recipes every week (some work, some don’t get past the taste testers!). I have also now started to work on more savoury meals especially as I needed to create the menu for my #NOLIMITS and #NOEXCUSES 8 week Training and Nutrition Programs.

stick dateI have a few rules for all my recipes:

1) Zero refined sugars

2) Must be quick, easy to make and family friendly

3) They have to contain only whole natural ingredients

4) They have to taste great!

Today I am also sharing with you my latest dessert creation Sticky Date Pudding – this one took a few attempts and I changed the sauce a couple of times but it really does retain all the key flavours!! Click here to download the recipe.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and I hope that they makes the menu at your place just a little bit healthier!

Kim x