Skinny vs. Fit = Fit Wins EVERY TIME!

dsc_9336-webI don’t know about you but the thought of looking skinny and waif like is as desirable to me as burning my hand in the oven whilst cooking an omelette (yes I cook my omelettes in the oven, click here for the recipe!)

There are so many people out there wanting to lose weight but let me tell you reducing your calorie intake and aiming for the ‘skinny’ look is neither healthy nor maintainable. To be successful long term you need to view you’re eating and training as a way of life and realise that without consistency, results will never come and I am talking about being consistent over months not days or weeks.

Another popular phrase I hear is, I want to ‘tone up’. The only way to do this is to combine weight training, with cardio and a balanced food plan. Out of these three components weight training is the key. The more lean muscle you can build on your body, the better your will look, and the better your clothes will fit. Remember you are in no danger of looking like a man – your body just doesn’t have the testosterone levels to build huge muscles.

I understand that sometimes a weights room can feel a bit intimidating especially if you have not done weight training before or if you are unsure of what exercises go together. There will always be someone working at your gym to help you so don’t be afraid to ask.

I believe weight training should be a normal part of everyone’s week as it has so many benefits, especially as we grow older, our bone density naturally decreases if you are not already doing weight bearing exercises – weight training and weight bearing exercise can help significantly with this.

So it is up to you! You can create the body and shape you want but you have to be committed to weight training, cardio and embracing positive nutrition – and understand that real results will take time that should be measured in months not days!

Looking fit and healthy is definitely a better look then looking tired, waif like and hungry but that’s just my opinion!

Kim x

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