No Excuses for Smaggle!

0ba5bd2e370e8527e6ec094283134893This morning a very special guest will start my #NOEXCUSES 8 Week Program….. Carly Jacobs, the amazing editor of Smaggle.com 

If you are not familiar with Smaggle, please click here to head over to her blog. Carly describes Smaggle as ‘like having a chat with your girlfriends on a Saturday night’ and she has won several major awards as well as being a regular contributor to Cleo, The Sydney Morning Herald and Cosmopolitan, just to name a few.

I absolutely love reading her blog and Mr Beach thinks she’s the funniest woman in Australia (I regularly find him cracking up in front of his computer having just read her latest blog… like this one)

Do yourself a favour and subscribe to her blog as I know she will be entertaining us with updates of her 8 Week #NOEXCUSES Journey that starts today!

As for you Carly, I am so looking forward to sharing the next 8 weeks with you….. train hard, eat well, get lots of sleep and please try and maintain a 5 metre perimeter from all alcoholic beverages!

Kim x

PS: If you are interested in taking the 8 week #NOEXCUSES journey, please click here