5 Reasons To Love A Good Old Homemade Patty (with 2 bonus recipes)

DSC02440Most people think of burgers when they think of patties…..I haven’t had a burger for over 5 years but love to make and create different patties as they are a fantastic meal idea that all of my family will actually eat.

Here are 5 reasons why you should make and eat more patties!

1) They are a great way to hide vegetables if your kids don’t fancy sweet potato or onions.

2) They are so quick and easy to make

3) Once cooked you can store them in the fridge or the freezer

4) They are a great option for lunch or dinner

5) They taste amazing but are full of goodness with no preservatives or nasties that come with patties from the supermarket.

Here are two amazing recipes for you try – I created the tuna one last night and its sooooooo good. Enjoy!

Click here for my Tuna & Sweet Potato Patty Recipe

Click here for my Salmon & Quinoa Patty Recipe

Kim x