Training Essentials If You Are Too Busy For The Gym!

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Finding time to train can be a real challenge especially if you work long hours or spend time looking after your kids. I try to make time every day to get to the gym (and yes I also sometimes run out of time!) but I know there are many people that simply don’t get an opportunity to get to the gym in a normal working week.

Training at home can be fun and a great option if you have the right equipment and knowledge. If you have followed my blog in the last month or so you will know that I am very close to releasing three of my own 8 week training and nutrition programs (later this week!). One of the three programs is my #NOEXCUSES Home Program which is a weight loss program designed specifically for busy people who want to train at home rather than go to a gym.

It was therefore fantastic timing last week when I was asked to try a new range of fitness equipment and gym gear from ALDI (yes….the supermarket ALDI). I was a little surprised initially as whilst I knew ALDI was somewhere you go for great value groceries I had no idea that they were into fitness equipment! I admit to being a bit of an ALDI virgin so I had to check with my Mum who gave me one of ‘those looks’ before informing me that ALDI are popular for doing different product promotions EVERY week (Special Buys – every Wednesday and Saturday).

I got a little excited as the timing couldn’t be any better with my new #NOEXCUSES home program being released this week and from this coming Saturday 19th July you can buy everything you need for this plus lots of other cool fitness gear as part of this week’s ALDI Special Buys Promotion (I have had literally so many questions about the home program and this range takes care of everything).

I would never recommend anything that isn’t high quality and that I haven’t used personally so I decided to spend the weekend putting the ALDI range through its paces.

On Saturday I set up a HIIT circuit, put on the workout gear and the heart rate monitor that I got from ALDI. I must admit I was surprised how comfy the gym gear was especially the sports bra and I love the fact that I had the heart rate monitor to ensure I could measure that I got a great workout. Here is the circuit I created:

  • 100 jumps with the weighted skipping rope
  • 20 pulsing squats holding kettlebell
  • 80 jumps with weighted skipping rope
  • 20 push ups holding push up grips
  • 60 jumps with weighted skipping rope
  • 20 Bent Over Row using Kettlebell each arm
  • 40 jumps with weighted skipping rope
  • 20 Kettlebell Swings
  • 20 jumps with weighted skipping rope
  • 60 seconds Prone Hold hands on medicine ball

60 seconds rest in between each set – Repeat 5 times for a great 30 minute workout.

On Sunday it was time for the #NOEXCUSES weight sessions which took me 40 minutes to complete

15 reps / 3 sets / 45 second rest between sets

  • Kettle Bell Floor Squats
  • One arm row using kettle bell
  • Push Ups feet on medicine ball
  • Kettlebell Pull Over lying on fitball
  • Upright Row using Kettlebell
  • Bicep Curl using kettlebell
  • Shoulder Press using kettlebell
  • Side Plank into push up using push up grips
  • Oblique twists using medicine ball

Training with intensity and making the most of my sessions is really important to me and I am pleased to report that the new ALDI range stood up really well during both my weekend sessions. Working with the weighted skipping rope, kettlebell, push up grips and the medicine ball was enough to create a great workout. There are endless workouts to be created from these pieces of equipment. A quick tip: when certain exercises get easier for you a great way to still challenge yourself is to really slow down each repetition.

What impressed me even more were the prices of the gear and equipment, I am deliberately offering my new 8 week programs at under $100 because I want them to be affordable so this was important to me.

If you love to train and workout at home or are planning to take part in my #NOEXCUSES Home Program you should definitely get down to ALDI this weekend and pick up what you need.

The Special Buy fitness gear and equipment is only available while stocks last.

Click here for your closest store or look out for this week’s catalogue in your post for a full range of the fitness gear on offer, including runners, a home balance trainer and even a rowing machine!

Be fun – Be Fit – Be Fabulous

Kim x