#NOEXCUSES & #NOLIMITS – What to expect from my two new training & nutrition programs


slide-2Next Tuesday 15th July, my new training and nutrition programs will finally be launched!

After 2 years of hard work building them I can’t tell you how excited I am to share them with you. I first told people about the programs a few weeks ago and incredibly I have now over 500+ people on the priority wait list (click here to join the list, where you will get access to my opening special).

As you can imagine I have received questions so today I thought I would explain everything in some more detail and what the fuss is all about.

Basically after developing my One on One program over the past two years I have found a formula that works for both weight loss (my #NOEXCUSES program) and for reducing body fat and building muscle (my #NOLIMITS program). I wanted to do something that was new and different, that addressed a lot of the reasons people have given up on other programs, but most of all I wanted them to be affordable (I got into this business to help people)…so  they are going to be priced at AUD$99 each.

So here is a little more detail on what they are and how they work. Each program comes in the form of a 80+ page manual that you download from my website that guides you though all your meals and training in an easy to follow day by day basis.

#NOEXCUSES is my 8 week Weight Loss Program. It includes a day by day simple nutritional plan as well as a day by day training plan. There are two versions, one for home and one if you belong to a gym. If you think you need to lose more than 5KG then this is the program for you.

#NOLIMITS is my 8 week Program designed to get lean and build muscle. I love that women are finally realizing that getting your body in amazing shape requires resistance training and eating a specific way. This program will strip fat, build muscle and get you in the shape of your life! (You should definitely have some experience with weight training before doing #NOLIMITS, if not then do #NOEXCUSES first)

I have packed the programs full of information and motivation to keep you interested each day. I know there are going to be times when you are going to have a meltdown and think ‘its just too hard’… or maybe you just want to ask a question about a recipe or training session.

This is where the private Facebook group comes in (when you buy the program you get a personal invitation to join my private Facebook Group). Firstly you get to talk directly to me, so you are going to get an honest straightforward answer quickly, secondly you are going to be part of my #TEAMBEACH community where you will get the chance to meet and talk with lots of other people who are doing exactly the same program as you, you might even find a training partner near you!

My goal ultimately is for my programs to be the catalyst for real change in your life , to embrace a life that includes eating well, training hard and feeling the best you have ever felt.

I chose 8 weeks as this is the time I think it takes for you to reset your habits, learn about your body and get yourself into a rhythm that will have longer term results.

So there you have it – everything you need to know before starting my #NOEXCUSES or #NOLIMITS…

I hope that my simple, no nonsense approach to success and changing your body is exactly what you are looking for!

The #NOEXCUSES and #NOLIMITS programs will be available next Tuesday 15th July.

Take the first step now by putting your name on my priority list.

There is absolutely no obligation but it will mean that you will be one of the first people to get your hands on the program next week and you will also receive my very special opening offer!

*****My programs have now been launched, you can read more about them by click here for #NOEXCUSES and here for #NOLIMITS***

Stay fabulous

Kim x