#NOEXCUSES & #NOLIMITS – What to expect from my new training and nutrition programs!

dsc_7353-webIts officially spring, so now is definitely the time to start your new training and nutrition program to be ready for summer!

If you have heard about #NOEXCUSES or #NOLIMITS here are the key things to know about each program.

They are my new training and nutrition programs that guide you carefully through 8 weeks, day by day, including all meals and training sessions. They contain everything I have learnt about losing weight (#NOEXCUSES) or getting lean and building muscle (#NOLIMITS). They also include a shopping list and lots of other information and tips to help you stay on track during the program and get amazing results. NB: #NOLIMITS is suitable for people who have experience with weight training. If you have no or little experience with weights, I suggest you look at #NOEXCUSES first.

How do I buy them and what do they cost?
The programs costs AUD$99.95 each and are available for download via my new website. Both programs are 84 page comprehensive documents that you can either print or read on your computer or tablet. It took me a long time to put together the information for each program and I wanted to make each one was excellent value for money (I’ve heard too many stories of people having bad experiences with fitness programs).

What support and guidance will I receive?
Its really important to me that you enjoy yourself and get real results from the program and not just in the short term. I want you to learn habits and gain information that will benefit you for a lifetime. So when you purchase and download the program, within an hour you will receive an email from me inviting you to be a part of my private Facebook groups. In this group you can ask me whatever questions you have anytime and I am there to help guide and support you through your 8 week program. Already I am having a great time answering questions and helping those in each group get started. I love that I get to have this personal connection with people who have committed to making positive change in their lives!

Are there specific start dates or any contracts?
Absolutely not, you can start the program anytime you want and the cost is a one off fee when you purchase and download the program. My goal was to make the programs simple and as affordable as possible. 

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about my new programs… I’m going to be banging on a bit about them this week on the blog and social media but everything should return to normal next week……If you are keen to read more about them or are ready to get started click here for #NOEXCUSES and here for #NOLIMITS x

Kim x