Do you have what it takes to give me 56 days of #NOEXCUSES?

KIM1314-R1-008-2ATwo and a half years ago I started a journey to find a new way to help people, especially women, change their bodies, get fitter and improve their life through training and positive nutrition.

We all have our own individual ways of eating and training and sometimes it can be hard to make changes to this… let’s face it if it was easy then we would all be walking around looking like fitness models with perfect nutrition every day!

What I have developed are two (hopefully) life changing programs that over the course of 8 weeks are designed to change your habits and challenge your current routines to get your body into the best shape it’s been in for a while.

If you have followed me for some time you will know that I am not a believer in diets that have a beginning and an end date, but I do understand that to kick start a new routine it’s important to have a period of focus at the start where you can get your habits in order and learn the skills and discipline that will hopefully last you a lifetime.

There are no wonder ‘shakes’ or ‘drops’ but you will learn how by eating effectively that you can accelerate fat loss by putting your body into a state where this happens faster than normal. Its all about eating the right foods at the right times and training in such a way that compliments this. When it comes to exercise my programs focus on maximizing your time so you are not slogging it out for hours on the treadmill , that does not mean that the training part of the programs will be easy, in fact it will challenge you every day….. but it means that you will see that the exercise you are doing has a point to it and mentally it won’t seem to take forever, which I know can be a strong trigger to giving up.

no-limit#NOLIMITS is the 8 week (56 day) challenge program I have designed for people who have less than 5KG to lose but that want to get some real shape, tone and definition to their body. I am not talking bulky muscle but rather toning up in a way that makes you look spectacular in your clothes and feel great on the inside.  This program is ideal for people who are experienced with weight training. The food program for #NOLIMITS is strict as it needs to be to reduce your body fat over the 8 weeks.


slide-2#NOEXCUSES is the popular 8 week (56 day) program I have designed for people who have more than 5KG to lose and focuses specifically on weight loss. It incorporates different methods than #NOLIMITS and helps you understand how to train and what to eat and when, to make the most of your training and nutrition. It also recognizes that the 8 weeks is just the start of your journey and while you will lose weight during the program, my goal is for you to learn new habits that will help you maintain your weight loss over time.

Each program contains a complete daily step by step guide (its a 88 page document that you download from my website), telling you exactly what to eat and what training you need to perform each day (with pictures!). 

photo (5)Accountability – I know that its one thing to buy a program but quite another to stick to it over an 8 week period. I want people to complete my program and feel great about their results! This is why when I designed the program, I set up some private Facebook Groups. Within these group so you can ask me questions anytime and and talk to other people who are doing the program. These groups are turning out to be amazing and its a great way for me to help you stay accountable and keep you on track during your time. I am not aware of any other program offering this kind of real time personal support. Here you can see  a comment posted last night from an amazing lady doing my #NOEXCUSES Program, in the #NOEXCUSES Facebook group in response to a post from another member. Hopefully this gives you a idea of the type of programs these are and the connections people are making.

I hope I have explained my new programs above and you can see how they will give you some real structure, guidance and support. Lastly I just wanted to say that it was important to me that the programs were very affordable, so each program is only $99.95 each and comes in the form of an 85+ page document that you can purchase via my website. I have also just uploaded two short brand new introduction videos which you can view here for #NOEXCUSES and here for #NOLIMITS.

When you purchase the program you will instantly be sent a welcome email inviting you to join one of my Kim Beach Insider Facebook groups with all the benefits already mentioned.

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit…I’m asking you for 56 days and I promise you if you can get through this time with me, you will have started a journey of fitness and nutrition that you will never look back from.

Click here to get started with my #NOEXCUSES Weight Loss Program

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Stay Fabulous

Kim x

PS: If you have any questions about my programs please email me and my team on info@kimbeach.com anytime x