I finally get to share my big secret with you!

mystory-image-3-300x172In my business I get asked a lot of questions about losing weight and getting lean. Mostly my answers are the same, I’ve been doing this a long time and its true that nothing will ever replace eating well and working hard, but the difficult part to most people is ‘what does this actually mean’ and ‘what do I do to bring it all together’?

You would be surprised how many people I come across who exercise regularly and in their minds maintain a healthy diet, yet can’t seem to get rid of the last few kilos they want to shed. I get about the same number of people who tell me they are happy with their weight but want to get leaner and get a fitter look, but are not sure how to start.

It is for both these groups of people that I have been working on something pretty special for the past 18 months. As I’ve said there are no magical quick fixes in life but there are special ways in which you can finally achieve the weight loss have always wanted or a leaner fitter look, and in just 6 weeks I am going to share it with the world!

Over the past year and a half I have been working with people One on One and refining two programs that have the ability to change the way you think about nutrition and fitness. I have also been analyzing other programs on the market (some are very good BTW) and understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

I came to the conclusion that people wanted to try something new that would:

1) Be real and not another gimmick that promises much and delivers little.dsc_7465-web-200x300

2) Something in plain English that was easy to follow and understand.

3) A Program that would actually educate you along the way and that would teach you how to have a healthier relationship with food and treats.

4) That was no nonsense and was PROVEN to get results (not just promises) if followed properly.

5) Give you proper personal support, encouragement and the opportunity to ask questions and talk all the way through the program.

So its with these 5 covenants in mind that I have developed my new #NOEXCUSES and #NOLIMITS Training & Nutrition Programs.

#NOEXCUSES is designed for people who want to lose 5 kilos and up (there is both a home and a gym version) and #NOLIMITS is specially designed for people who want to get lean and build muscle.

Both programs are 8 weeks in duration, are under $100 each and include EVERYTHING you need to know and follow in an easy day by day format. As a bonus you will also get to join my secret online Facebook group and get to ask questions anytime and get support directly from me as well as meet others doing your program.

So I’m sharing this now as I know things are going to go a bit mad in June, so I have set up a priority list who I will make contact with just before I launch so they can be first in. As well as being one of the first to start the new programs you will also get a very special purchase offer by joining my priority list now.

As they say summer bodies are made in winter so this is exactly the time of year to get focused for a 8 week period and get into a rhythm and good habits before its gets warmer again.

As a bonus one lucky person who signs up for my priority list and purchases one of my programs in June will be personally coached through their 8 weeks by me on a daily basis!

You can join my #NOEXCUSES and #NOLIMITS Priority List by clicking here

There is no obligation whatsoever, you will just be one of the first to hear about the programs when they are launched in June.

I hope you are having a great week with your training and food and look forward to you having you on #TEAMBEACH soon.

Stay healthy

Kim x