Why consistency is key and how Jennifer made my day!


ConsistencyIf I try and teach my One on One clients one thing above all others its that consistency is the true secret to success. You would probably be surprised that most of the women I coach through my program are not overweight, they have just struggled to lose those last 5 kilos that bother them and make the difference to looking fit and looking good naked (you would be surprised how many people tell me this as one of their goals in our initial consolation!).

Many of my clients actually eat relatively well during the week but it’s usually the weekends that trip them up and stop them achieving their goals. My program is designed to reset your body, to teach you how to have a healthier relationship with food and above all else to accept that it’s going to be eight weeks that is going to challenge you physically and mentally. After this you can start to enter the maintenance phase where your eating can be a little more relaxed but I find by then most clients are actually enjoying their new approach to nutrition.

These past 8 weeks I have been working with the most wonderful client called Jennifer (not her real name). Jennifer is a stunning Mum in her 30’s who was not overweight but really wanted to get rid of those last few kilos I talked about above. I knew from our initial consultation that she was going to absolutely kill the 8 week program. She struggled a little in the first couple of weeks but for the past six weeks she has absolutely dominated her goals and got amazing results. She learned that being consistent with her training but more importantly her eating was the one thing she need to do to take control of her body.

She finished her eight weeks yesterday and this is what she said that made my day!


“I can’t thank you enough…. Before you… I either over ate or under ate… I exercised with no direction or did no exercise at all…Then you come along and it all seems to come together…. you really are an inspiration…. we all need a guru of sorts and you are mine!”


Thank you Jennifer – its people like you and comments like this that inspire me every day – and why I do what I do!

Stay healthy

Kim x

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