Why a daily fix of liquid gold is essential?

olive oilOlive oil has so many health benefits some of which include a positive effect on your immune system, protection against viruses, reduces inflammations, assist in lowering blood pressure, control blood sugar levels and many more.

For me it is all about being and staying regular, olive oil stimulates your digestive system and gets everything moving through your colon. For those of us who are Blood Type A and have a sluggish digestive tract, simply start using Olive Oil throughout the day to drizzle on salads or veggies etc whilst keeping your water intake up and you should notice a huge difference.

When it comes to cooking with Olive Oil there is an ongoing debate about whether or not Olive Oil should be used for cooking. Olive oil is safe for cooking with as long as it is done at the right temperature. Once the Olive Oil reaches its smoking point it becomes rancid and lets out free radicals making the oil carcinogenic (cancer causing). It is important you buy a quality Olive Oil and use it to lightly saut?® vegetables or cook with at a moderate temperature.

Research has suggested that consuming 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil a day is great for your health. Another great tip for you is to put olive oil on a cotton ball and use it to remove your makeup – all natural and great for the skin.

Stay healthy

Kim x