7 Foods Guaranteed to Shrink your Waistline!

kimbeach-finals-21-300x199So it’s the New Year and you have promised yourself you are going to start the year eating better! Well here are seven foods to make sure you put in your shopping trolley that I promise will actually help you lose weight and become healthier in 2014.

Getting your food right and being consistent with this over time is 80% of winning the weight loss battle.

Each of these seven foods have minimal affect on your blood sugar levels and allow your body to get into a position to burn fat. Having said this eating copious amounts of these foods will not accelerate your ability to lose weight, but incorporating all of them into your weekly food intake will bring you closer to achieving you weight lose goal.

1. Fish, Fish & Fish

If your goal is fat loss than fish is the way to go. Eating fish 3-4 times per week holds many health benefits for your body and is so quick and easy to prepare. Fish is the one protein that is easily digested and gives your body a feeling of satiety. It is so versatile and you can add chilli, herbs and spices or pair with my famous mayonnaise (recipe on my website) and some lemon for a quick easy meal.

2. Coconut Oil

By far the best oil to use whilst cooking as it handles heat very well. It also has thermogenic qualities which means it increases your body’s ability to burn fat and boosts your metabolism. In saying this more is not better, using a teaspoon or two is a enough when cooking.

3. Berries

The darker the better, great to add sweetness to any meal and full of antioxidants. Berries are great way to get your sweet fix without sending your central nervous system into overdrive and lowering your immune system (which is what happens when you eat refined sugar). They are so versatile and can be used in smoothies, salads, sauces and are great to bake with. I always keep frozen berries in the freezer and some fresh berries in the fridge which also make a great snack.

4. Ginger

Great for digestion and the best part is that you only need a small amount to reap the benefits. A slice of ginger in hot water makes a great cup of tea first thing in the morning. Another idea is chopping a small amount up and sprinkling over salads or throwing some into your daily juicing.

5. Fresh Greens

Lettuce, kale, rocket, Spinach etc. All of these fresh greens will alkaline your body and put it in a great position to burn fat. Sure lettuce is considered boring but lettuce leaves are a great idea instead of using breads all the time – get creative and fill with spiced chicken or fish and top with salsa. Juicing is also a great way to get your daily greens, add some pineapple to sweeten the flavour.

6. Chilli

Chilli is fantastic for boosting your metabolism and increasing your body’s ability to burn fat at rest. This magic little red fruit also has the ability to suppress your appetite so you don’t overeat. It is easy to understand why chilli’s have been consumed by people for thousands of years to assist in good health and well being.

7. Whole grains

Whole grains are full of fibre in turn keeps you satisfied for longer. Fibre is a key nutrient that unfortunately is lacking in a lot of packaged foods sold in supermarkets. A fibre rich diet is super important in order to keep your colon healthy. If your colon is healthy your ability to absorb nutrients and get the benefits from what you are eating increases dramatically. Small portions of whole grains e.g. quinoa, brown rice, lentils and oats will provide your body with the fibre it needs as well as keeping you satisfied which is a great to avoid sugar cravings.

I eat all of these foods weekly and along with my training regime, they help me maintain a healthy weight and body shape. If weight loss is your goal in 2014, its time to change your thinking around food and start nourishing your body with whole natural foods, rather than regularly eating food with little or no nutritional value.

**For more information on what I call Positive Nutrition, please download my Healthy Eating Guide here

Kim x