Meet the guy who makes my heart beat faster than anyone else…

ryan-gosling-300-150x150On any normal day this would be Ryan Gosling but today I am talking literally and referring to my amazing personal trainer – Peter Heath. I know some people might think it’s strange for me (a certified trainer) to engage the services of another trainer once a week, but the reasons I do this and the reasons you should think about hiring one, are exactly the same.

The number one reason to hire a Personal Trainer is accountability. I only have a 30 minute session once a week and for me it’s not about him putting me through an actual training session (although when he does OMG…read on for details) but we sit down and talk about my training, nutrition and the week ahead, keeping it all in line with my long term goals. You can of course do this during an actual training session as well but I find having to be accountable to him makes sure I don’t miss of my own sessions during the week. Everyone needs to be held accountable and have some kind of support system with their training. Family and friends can be good options, but you can’t go past a quality PT to keep you on track and focussed.

Kim-150x150A PT will also push you much harder than you can ever push yourself during a session. I am still getting over my session with Peter on Friday where I was pushed to my absolute limits, 30 mins of pure pain (check out the photo he took of me after the session) but I felt amazing afterwards. Being pushed with your training is very important as your body need to be challenged regularly to get stronger and achieve better results.

Peter-168x300Goal setting is another valuable part of engaging a quality PT. You can share with them your goals, and they will design you a specific program around this. This takes a lot of the guess work out for you and will ensure you reach your goals faster. They should also be putting a lot of variety into your training plan making your normal training sessions varied and interesting. The look on Peter’s face when I told him last year that I wanted to do a body sculpting competition was priceless, but we worked together for a solid 9 months which was emotion filled going through different cycles of training and eating to bring my goal to reality – it was a very emotional ride one that Pete rode with me every step of the way.

I know that cost is a sticking point with a lot of people when it comes to hiring a PT (the normal price for a PT is $90 an hour). For me I choose to have a 30 minute session once a week which brings this down and I know other people that just have a 30 minute session once a month to sit down and keep them on track. It’s all about prioritising for me and I believe your health and fitness should be high on the list of things you should be spending your money on. Another option is to find a friend and train together with a PT or join one of the many group training programs that are available.

Once you have made the decision to hire PT, you need to find a good one and that can be easier said than done. My advice here is to remember that you are the customer and therefore have the right to make the decisions. Try and avoid any facilities that try and lock you into a package of sessions or a long term contract, instead tell them you are happy to look at this once you have worked with a trainer a few times and are happy with them. Also make sure you tell them if you want to train with a male or female, older or younger and when you meet your trainer for the first time, ask them lots of questions about their own experience and the results they have been able to achieve with their clients.

There are lots of good reasons to think about hiring a trainer- but the most important is to help you become the very best version of yourself in 2014.

Kim x

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