How to Successfully Negotiate the Christmas Dessert Table (plus the free recipe for my Healthy Pavlova!)



Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies, Pavlova, Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue Pie – the list of Christmas desserts is endless and I am sure that one or several of these tasty sugary treats will be making an appearance at your table in 10 sleeps time (and probably be available in the fridge for a few days afterwards!)

Now one day of indulgence isn’t going to wreck all the hard work you have put in all year but if you love dessert but don’t want to load up on sugar this Christmas then you need to be prepared!

Firstly, if you are having Christmas day at a family member of friends house, call them and let them know you will be bringing dessert. Apart from helping them out you will also have some input into what gets serves up on the day.

Secondly start to research some healthy dessert options, there are plenty of websites and books available these days that offer healthy recipes that contain no processed sugars and lots of whole natural ingredients.

As promised here is the link to download the recipe for my Healthy Pavlova which looks stunning and tastes amazing, but contains no processed sugar or cream. This could be a real showstopper for you this Christmas, it’s easy to make and just needs assembling a few minutes before serving. I have lots of these type of recipes available on my blog to download for free and will make sure I upload a few more of my fabulous healthy desserts and treats in the next week to give you some more ideas.

Christmas day should be enjoyed with great food and with close family and friends, with a little preparation this year you might not have to feel like that 10KM run on boxing day morning.

Kim x