How to (finally) achieve your fitness goals in 2014!

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With only 72 hours until 2014 you are probably starting to think about your New Year’s Resolutions. Our intentions are always good when creating the list but do you find your goals for the New Year tend to get lost as the year starts to get busy?

I was interested to read the other day that the top 5 New Year’s resolution in 2013 were:

  • Get organised
  • Get out of debt
  • Be less stressed
  • Have more family time
  • Lose Weight and get fit

Now I can’t help you get out of debt or have more family time but I can definitely offer you some advice on how to commit to a resolution for 2014 that will see you fitter, more organised and in control of your day to day life than you are right now.

If you are someone who is serious about making positive changes to your well being this year then please read on as I would like to share with you my 4 key strategies to finally achieving your health and fitness goals on 2014.

1. Set your goals, big and small

You might want to lose 15kg, you might already be quite fit and want to challenge yourself to run a half marathon. Whatever your long term goal is for the year write it down first with a date you want to achieve it by and put it somewhere you can see it (like the bathroom mirror or the fridge). Then sit down and ask yourself what are some short term goals that will lead you on the journey to achieving your long term goal. For example if you want to lose 15kg, then you might write down ‘lose 4 kg by the end of February, then another 4kg by the end of April etc’. Write the smaller goals on the same piece of paper as your big goal. There is real power in writing down your goals and it will help you commit to making it a reality. Make these goals a priority in your life, think about them, see them daily and remind yourself why you set them in the first place.

2. Rid yourself of negativity

Unfortunately negativity is all around us every day. I work with people every day who want to change their lives for the better and it never ceases to amaze me how many people will try and sabotage their journey in some way. This could be that friend who wants to unload their emotional baggage onto you all the time or it could be a family member who for some reason does not want to see you lose weight and be happy due to their own insecurities. Part of making yourself and your goal a priority means making the conscious decision to either tell these people what you are doing and explain how their negativity affects you, or finding a way to spend less time with them. To succeed you need to surround yourself with positive influences and support, with people who want to see you grow and succeed, who will tell you how great you are doing, rather than people offering negative comments designed to bring you back to the lowest common denominator.

3. Focus on balance

This is something I talk and write about a lot. For some reasons most people have an issue with either being ‘ALL’ or ‘NOTHING’ when it comes to their training, focus and nutrition. In my opinion this is not a healthy way to live your life, the yoyo dieting and training has to stop!. It’s important to find a balance where you can still enjoy your life but stay focused on your goals. You can read more about my philosophy on training and nutrition on my site but the bottom line is to accept that there will be days when you are off track and lack focus but you need to remember one bad meal or one bad day is not going to wreck days of eating well and training hard. It is all about refocusing and getting right back on track after having a bad day. No-one is perfect and if you can stay on track 80% of the time, especially for the first month or so, you will go a long way to achieving real balance and throwing that on and off switch away for good.

4. Get your family and friends involved in your goal

This is critical. You really have to share your short and long term goals with your friends and family. These are the people who love you the most and who you will share your journey with and hopefully they are the ones that will encourage you every day. Tell them why you want to achieve your goal and explain to them that you will need time to make it happen, if you are a Mum then this is really important as you probably don’t get a lot of free time, so to carve out an hour or so a day will take planning and support from those closest to you.

Once you have implemented these strategies, you then need to be organised. You will only achieve your goal if you are consistent in your daily commitment to your goal. I have a favourite saying that sums this up well, “Organisation is the key to consistency and consistency is the key to success”. Get up earlier, watch less TV… do whatever it takes to get organised as this will be one of the key factors in your success.

Being fit and eating well has a massive affect on not only your health but on all aspects of your life. Aside from looking and feeling better you will sleep better, have more energy and will definitely find yourself being a lot more positive.

It’s time to get real, take control and make 2014 the best year of your life!

Kim x

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