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Want to make healthy living an everyday habit? Say hello to #noexcuseslife.

Completing #noexcuses is a huge milestone – but what if you haven’t had enough yet?

Well here’s the good news: we have designed a program just for you. The ‘sequel’ to #noexcuses, #noexcuseslife is ideal for people who want to continue their weight loss journey and learn how to integrate the principles of #noexcuses into normal everyday life.

#noexcuseslife is an 8-week program that includes daily eating and workout plans, plus access to the awesome #noexcuseslife Facebook support group. Just like #noexcuses, here you can find other people on the same journey as you – plus get ongoing tips, tricks and inspiration from Kim and her team. What better way to keep your eyes on the prize?

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So how does #noexcuseslife work?

Pick the program that’s right for you. There’s a version designed for the gym and one you can do at home.


Sign up online. It’s as easy as entering your details and making a one-off payment of $99.95, which works out to just $1.78 per day.


You’ll receive a welcome email from Kim. This will contain a link to download your program, and an invitation to join the #noexcuseslife Facebook group. Simply follow the prompts and you’ll be good to go.


Get started! You can begin #noexcuseslife any time you like. If you have any questions or wobbles along the way, head straight to Facebook for help.

What's Included?

8-week exercise program (for gym or home). Expect to do 5-6 20-60 min sessions a week, including cardio and weight training.

Instructional photos and detailed descriptions for all weight exercises.

8-week daily eating plan (including recipes designed by Kim and approved by nutritionists using whole natural ingredients). Complete shopping lists and ‘how to cook’ tips and recipe where needed.

10 weeks expert advice and support around the clock through the #noexcuseslife private support group (8 week plus an extra 2 to get you started).

You are what you eat…and 80% of your results will comedown to what goes on your plate.

Yes, your workouts matter – but if you’re not eating right, you’re wasting your sweat! Your diet will determine up to 80% of your weight loss, which is why it’s so important to stick to the #noexcuseslife eating plan. Fortunately, our nutritious recipes are tasty and easy to follow. And if you have any dietary requirements just let us know and we’ll provide substitutions to suit.

Say hello to your own personal #noexcuseslife cheer squad!

Miss your virtual #noexcuses buddies? Well with #noexcuseslife, you can rejoin the gang. Through our #noexcuseslife private support group you can connect with other participants, ask questions, get advice and even find workout buddies. Woohoo!


There are two versions of the #noexcuseslife program: #noexcuseslife gym (for the gym) and #noexcuseslife home (for home). They both work just as well, so choose whichever works best for you. Simply sign up and download your package, and you’re good to go.

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