3 Important Reasons to Check out my New App – Kim Beach Life!

Just some of the yummy new recipes available exclusively in my new app program!

If you have been thinking about losing weight, gaining strength and improving your nutrition, health & fitness, then my new app is the perfect place to start.

Here are three important reasons why you should start your free 7 day trial!

  1. This is NOT an 8 Week Program!

I LOVE my 8 week programs and I am immensely proud of the results and lifestyle changes they have helped people achieve. The issue I have is that so many people get to the end of the 8 or 16 weeks and ask, ‘what’s next?’. This can be where they start to struggle mentally in terms of maintaining the results they have achieved. This is where my new app program is different, it includes weight loss, shred and maintain goal options and you can change these at any time (it will completely change your nutrition and training accordingly). For years I have been teaching people that a decision to lead a fit and healthy life is about changing habits for life, not just for 8 weeks and my app is exactly the right tool to help you make a long term commitment to success in this area. Every 28 days you will be given a brand new tailored training program plus a practical nutrition and meal menu to help keep you motivated and on track. I also understand that it is impossible to be ‘perfect’ all the time and life is there to be enjoyed. This is why you are in control of how fast you move through each 28 days stage so if you need to take a break for any reason, you can easily do this and simply pick back up where you left off – there is definitely no ‘starting again’! 

NB: Check my introduction video below! 

  1. Brand New Training & Food – Every 28 Days

Last August/September I spent 7 weeks creating, cooking and photographing over 500+ new meals to be released in the first 4 stages (months) of the app program. All these meals are tasty, practical and specifically designed to help you achieve your goals. To be successful you need to embrace the concept of eating healthy, wholefoods and it helps a lot when each meal is yummy, tasty and easy to make. You will receive a new meal and nutrition plan every 28 days and you can also change diets and try vegetarian or vegan anytime by simply clicking a button.

Much like food, when it comes to training you need to change things up regularly to keep you interested and on point. In my new app program you will receive a brand new training program every 28 days. This includes detailed descriptions and videos and best of all you can switch between home or gym training anytime! 

Check out my new app – Kim Beach Life!

  1. Support, Support, Support!

If you have done one of my programs before you will know exactly how AMAZING my private support groups are! One of the things I love the most about my app program is you get 24/7 access to this support and you NEVER have to leave the group. I have been personally looking after the App support group for the past 6 weeks and it really does provide the perfect environment to set you up for success. Sharing your journey with like-minded women all over the world, supporting them and receiving daily support yourself is a powerful thing that should not be underestimated when it comes to helping you achieve and maintain long term results. Bascially as well as the other amazing women sharing your journey you also have access to my team and I – 24/7 – to ask any questions about the app, food, training or anything related to your health and fitness journey.

I have dedicated my career to helping women finally achieve the long term results they want.

All the things I have learned along the way have been included in my new app program and I am extremely proud of the finished product and how its helping busy women all over the world reach their goals.

Join us by clicking here and starting your free 7 days trial now! 

Kim x

PS: Right now the app is only available for Apple devices, the Android version is in the works and will be available in just a few months time – check out how it looks below!

PPS: If you are wondering about the costs of the app program (including the real time support), details are below.

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