Roz’s ‘fab at 50’ story!

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I love Roz’s story as it’s just so real, she is a busy Mum who looks after a house, works full time and does great work in her local community, yet she still found the time and motivation to commit to AND succeed with her #noexcuses 8 week journey.

You can see her amazing results for yourself but what I loved reading the most was that this wasn’t just about the program for Roz,  it was about changing long term habits, dropping the D word from her life and just feeling great about her new body and new attitude towards fitness and food.

I really couldn’t ask for anything more…. here is what Roz sent me after she completed the program:

“I would like to start by saying thank you for a wonderful program – which i have just completed ( although will never stop!) I have achieved some wonderful results as well as a happy, healthy, more confident me.

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This is a program for all ages, both male and female and anyone who would like to become fitter, healthier, lighter and happier. This program has taught me how to eat correctly, without starving your body. The aim is to eat the right foods at the right times in the right amounts. Yes- you do have to sacrifice some of those extras like choccy, cheeses and wine , but it is well worth it.

Don’t get me wrong – I haven’t been perfect for the whole 8 weeks, I have had some days of eating wrongly and drinking too much. In my defence I did have 20 of my family over to celebrate my daughters 18th and my sons 21st – (only going to happen once). I had a friend come down to visit for the weekend and fell off the (non-drinking) wagon for a couple of days. I also am a FIFO widow and only have my husband home for 1 week out of 5 and so when he is home I definitely cheat a little with going out for dinner and drinking a few more red wines or vodka lime and soda’s. These are choices I make and am happy about them. I also choose to do extra weights, longer walks and ride to the beach and back without it being part of the daily exercise program.


In other words I have chosen this program as a way of life – NOT A DIET and that is the difference between being able to stick to it and make a difference to my body and mind.

I am now getting up at 6.30am each morning so that I have time to prepare my food for the day and also get to work at least ½ an hour earlier. I get home each day and look forward to weights in the garage, PT gym class or a cardio using either bike, run, walk or skipping etc.

I have also loved reading the stories ( ups and downs) of all the others who are on the program – this has also kept me on track. I feel this is a very valuable part of Kim Beach and #no excuses. Oh and by the way if anyone is wondering I have said goodbye to 6.4kgs over the first round of the program – not bad for someone who is 50 years of age, runs a very busy 7 day a week business, husband works away, is the vice president of the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry and keeps a house ( most important job!).

I wish anyone who wants to take the challenge of changing habits and becoming a fitter, healthier and happier person to “GO FOR IT!” – the journey is not easy – but it is well worth it”

Thanks for sharing your story and pics Roz, you are truly an inspiration and I know that you will help many women start their own new health and fitness journeys!

Kim x

PS: Click here to find out how you can start your very own #noexcuses or #nolimits journey!