Roberta’s Stunning Superstar Journey!

“What happened to you mum? Why have you let yourself go?

My reply was: “Complete silence!!”

And so my journey to looking after myself, fueling my mind & body with the right food and the right exercise began for me and the goal to wear a bikini for summer 2017 was set in motion.

So on the 10th October 2016 my journey to a healthier me began…my good friend told me about the Kim Beach program and I joined the #noexcuses program immediately. I took my measurements weighed myself and had a plan…to be the best version of myself and I had allowed myself 8 weeks to do so.

Roberta before noexcuses & nolimits

I followed the program totally and found that I was becoming my own little chef at home creating new recipes with wholesome foods and the best part was my family of 4 adults was enjoying it just as much as I was. I followed the exercise program 80% mostly doing weights and cardio and Pilates. The motivation and support I received from the Facebook community was phenomenal and motivating…24/7! By the end of the 8 weeks I’d lost 9.3 kilos and 21.5 cms all round!

I then went on to do the  #nolimits program in January 2017 and lost another 3.7kgs and 17.5 cms all round. I went from being a size 14 in clothes to a size 10. I was me again at age 50 and loving life. In total I’ve lost 13 kilos and 39 cms ??

Roberta 13kg lighter and looking fabulous!

This has been the best life changing program I have ever done and I’ve done many other programs but naturally all of the other known programs saw me putting the weight back on. The Kim Beach program is different from the others because the food has good proteins, carbs and fat and I know in the real world we all need these food types to survive, to enjoy and to build a healthy relationship with food not starve or deny yourself from “real” food groups.

I still live by the principals and exercise and enjoy being fitter, healthier and feeling like myself again!

Thank you to Kim, all the Beachfit ladies and the Beachfit community for existing because you gave me the inspiration and the desire to be the best version of ME!!


Thank you so much for sharing Roberta, it was amazing to meet you a few weeks ago and I love that you have found your balance for a fit & healthy life!

Kim x

PS: If you would like to start your own journey like Roberta, please click here to find out more about my #noexcuses program