Nay’s Totally Inspiring #noexcuses Journey!

After round 2, heading out to a 40th birthday

“Hi Kim,

I am so so stoked to have been asked to share my story with you, thank you! So just a little background info on me, I have a wonderful husband and 2 awesome boys, 4 and 6. We love to go camping, watching car racing, going on adventures outdoors and to catch up with family and friends. I’m a very busy mum (aren’t we all?) and often whilst my family were eating well I wasn’t.

I never got back to my pre-pregnancy weight after the kids and then I had thyroid issues which saw me slowly add another 10kgs over the past 2 years. I am also a dance teacher and concert time at the end of November was a wake up time for me when I started to see photos of myself at the concert and I decided ‘I have to do something’.

I have liked the Kim Beach page for about a year and a few days after our concert one of your superstar stories came up in my news feed. And I just thought ‘I’m gonna do this!’ I paid up, got my program, read everything, went shopping and I was on my way. If only I’d known how the next 8 weeks were going to change my life, I’d have done it ages ago!

Everyone said I was crazy, starting a program before Christmas (I started on December 1st), over the festive season, when there are so many parties and so much fun to be had. But I was going to have my fun and lose weight too. I had to, I’d had enough!

I’d reached 82.1kgs, the heaviest I’d ever been without being pregnant. My clothes were tight, my body felt sluggish, my sleep quality was poor, energy levels low.

Nay before #noexcuses in October 2016

So I started. And after my first week I already felt fantastic. I had so much more energy, my daily aches and pains were gone and I was so happy and proud within myself that I was just so motivated to keep going.

The program focuses on eating so much fresh food and I love the ease of it, the simplicity of it. The Facebook group, full of wonderful ladies all on their own journey at some point is the most supportive, motivating and amazing group to be a part of. If I posted with a question or vented about my food or my day, those ladies had my back. And when I shared my excitement that I had lost 5kgs, lost 10kgs, that I was below 70, that I’d finished round 2, they cheered me on and offered their congrats like I’d won a gold medal. I wish I could stay in that group forever!

And the exercise… I have found my mojo again. I started with some cardio, I could run for 3 minutes and walk for 2, repeated for 40 minutes. Over time, I can now not only run 10kms but am super proud that my last 5km run I did in 28minutes! I’d love to be able to run 15kms soon, maybe even do a half marathon sometime this year (!)

I can now do 12 ‘proper’ push ups in a row (couldn’t do one before) and smash out those hiit sessions when I don’t have time for weights or a run but need a fitness blast.

So, my 4 weeks came up and I had lost 5.2kgs, then my 8 weeks and I’d lost 8.4kgs. I enjoyed shopping for a new dress for a family wedding and had a wonderful weekend away to NSW with my sister and cousins.

I felt great, but wasn’t at my goal of losing 15kgs and so signed up for some more time in the Facebook group and started round 2.

I tackled round 2 a little differently, using what I’d learned from round one to plan my meals and living ‘off plan but to the principles’. I’d say I was probably about 80% on plan with the food and over the next 8 weeks saw another 4.6kgs loss taking my total to 13kgs.

Nay after 8 weeks, at her cousins wedding (second from the right)

But this hasn’t just been about numbers on the scales for me. It’s been about feeling so great in my own skin. I’ve lost cms off everywhere, I’m wearing nice underwear again (bust is down from a 16e to a 12d) and can wake up in the morning and chuck anything on and feel great knowing ‘I don’t look fat in this’. I’ve started to enjoy clothes shopping again (although it hasn’t sunk in that I’m now a size 10 and I keep trying on size 12 clothes first!) and am loving receiving compliments from friends about how I look. I love my exercise ,enjoy eating and sleep well. My kids have also enjoyed the benefits of the newly energised me, and squealed in disbelief the first time I came out to the pool area in a bikini because ‘mum doesn’t wear bikinis’.

To anyone thinking of joining Kim’s no excuses community, I would say ‘go for it’. My biggest regret is that I didn’t do this sooner despite knowing about the plan. My sister has joined up and is 4 weeks in and loving seeing results already and I’ll tell anyone who listens how amazing I think the program is, how easy to follow, how delicious the food is, and mostly, how it’s just so easy to get results.

Nay looking stunning at my book launch in Melbourne

I think from here I’m going to try no limits to tone up and to try and get rid of those pesky last few kgs, then I’m going to enjoy planning for my 40th birthday early in 2018 and finally take the plunge and get rid of my ‘just in case’ pile of fat clothes.

Thank you Kim, from the bottom of my heart. I mean it so sincerely when I say that you have changed my life. Thank you beachfit girls for all of your support and help throughout the program and thank you to the ladies in the group for the motivation, the encouragement and the new friendships.

This is my new way of life and I could not be happier!!”


Congratulations Nay! I am so proud of you, your results are amazing and you look fabulous.

Kim x

PS. If you would like to start your journey, and achieve your goals, click here to read more about #noexcuses