I am so proud of Sharon’s superstar story

Sharon looking fabulous after all three programs!

“You hear people say, it’s tough keeping the weight off after 40… and boy was that the case for me! It seemed that every year I would put on another kg, and it didn’t seem to matter how much I exercised or how well I ate, every year that extra kg would just keep creeping on! Now at 47yrs old and weighing an extra 7kg… I was starting to worry what I was going to be like at 50! Eeek… that’s hard enough to get my head around, let alone an extra 10kg of weight that I was most likely to be carrying.

My motto in life has always been ‘everything in moderation’, and up to the age of 40 that had worked so well for me… but now it was no longer working. Not one for liking fad diets, because let’s face it, they are just not sustainable long term… I really was at a loss to know what to do next.

I’d seen the Kim Beach Facebook ads every now and then, but never really knew of anyone who had done it or knew much about what it was… but one day I decided to check it out. The food and exercise plan looked good, looked fairly achievable – but to be honest I still wondered if it was just another fad diet. Anyway, after mulling about it for a few weeks, and having read many of the testimonies I eventually chatted to my husband to see his thoughts – he was very much of the mindset, “Why not give it a shot, what have you got to lose and if it doesn’t work… you’ve only wasted $100 which is not much in the big scheme of things.” So, that night I signed up to #noexcuses and started the following Monday – this was back in Nov 2016.

I must admit it took a bit to get used to all the preparation and the amount of food I had to eat! I’d previously only eaten 2-3 meals in a day (probably half my problem) and now to eat 5 meals took a bit getting used to it. But it didn’t take long till I found I was hanging out for the next meal – what a turn around. The Facebook private page was a huge help and encouragement, and I learnt heaps of really good tips and it motivated me to push on when things got a bit tough.

Before and After – 11kg lighter

By the end of #noexcuses I had lost 7.5kg and was super stoked – I had reached my target, all just in 8 weeks! However, I still didn’t feel I was confident enough to go it alone… so I signed up to do #nolimits, with the aim of cementing in the principals and toning up those muscles. To be honest, I didn’t think I would lose any further weight – but at the end of #nolimits, I’d lost a further 3.5kg, making it a total of 11kg in 16 weeks. I was now weighing 56kg… in fact, I’m not sure if I’ve ever weighed that much?

Wrapped with my results and feeling so much more confident in myself – in fact I had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe as none of my clothes fit me anymore… such a shame I know… But with my new shape, I was now desperate to not go back to old habits. I didn’t want to lose any more weight and with the new realisation that this is a most definite sustainable way of living I wanted to know how to incorporate a bit more variety into my diet so I decided to sign up to #noexcuseslife.

Inspopants – these shorts were tight at the start!

I loved the extra variety in food and the sweet treats and learning more about how to make the 80 / 20 principal work for everyday living. By the end of #noexcuseslife I hadn’t lost any more weight, which I was happy about – but I had toned up those muscles some more and really found I hardly looked at the plan anymore… eating the Kim Beach way was now just second nature and the preparation time each day was minimal – I had leant so many quick ways to organise great, healthy, whole foods.

It’s now June 2017 and after completing all 3 programs back to back and now continuing using the Kim Beach principles in everyday life, I am happy to say I have kept all that weight off. I’m definitely a 5 meal a day girl now and loving exercising 5-6 times a week – I enjoy the odd treat here and there, but still stick to the principals about 90% of the time, not because I have to… but because I really enjoy eating this way.

Sharon and her beautiful Family

I’ve had quite a few of my friends and colleagues join Kim Beach since I’ve done it and it’s been awesome to hear of their results – just the other day a friend of mine told me she’s completed #noexcuses and had lost 10kg. How cool was that! You know when I hear of their stories and others on this program, it really does give me that certainty that I can honestly say this program most definitely works! If you put your mind to it, you too can achieve your goal… all it takes is a bit of motivation, a goal to aim for and the knowledge that if you stick to the principles… you too will be a much happier you in a very short spate of time!”

Incredible Sharon! I love that you embraced the 80/20 principle and have taken everything on board from my programs for the future. Congratulations you look fabulous and have absolutely smashed your goals!!

Kim x

PS: Click here to find out how you can start your very own #noexcuses or #nolimits journey!