Maria’s Incredible 12kg #noexcuses Journey!

Maria hiking in February!

“I was flicking through Facebook and these posts kept coming up about ladies weight loss journeys, my weight was out of control “again” so I thought I would take a look. What I was reading made sense to me, I had previously successfully lost a lot of weight so I could relate to these stories.

I was in a bit of a bad place, I had recently been through a relationship break up, moved to a small town, living on my own, a bit too close to the supermarket and cafes. I also had a lot of back and hip injuries so couldn’t do a lot of my usual gym work. I had no one to be accountable to and was in self destruction mode. Yep, I had all the excuses under the sun.

When I initially lost my weight back in 2005 I got down to 70 kg, then over the years slowly it crept back on sitting between 72kg and 75kg but in 2016 it zoomed up to 82kg. I kept saying to myself I know what to do and how to do it I just have to do it but each time I started something would happen and I would sabotage it, I have always had this thing where when I screw it up I say screw it more and start over tomorrow or next week etc etc but it got beyond a joke when I couldn’t fit my work pants and was too embarrassed ( and didn’t want ) to ask for bigger ones. So I said to myself right pull yourself together and get on with it, you are not going back where you were (pre 2005).

Maria’s total new mindset. She runs this grandstand at least 10 times per training session

I opened the link and took a look at Kim Beach no excuses then downloaded a sample menu, it looked great and mostly food I liked, and what I really liked was that I didn’t have to think too much, it was all planned out for me all I had to do was follow it. I figured $100 was not a huge expense in the grand scheme of things. I remember a personal trainer once saying what cost is your health.

So I signed up, went shopping and got started. Right from the start I had this mindset that this was going to work, I walked past all the goodies at work ( I work in a rural hospital ward and patients families and other staff are always bringing in chocolate, cakes and cheese boards etc), sat in an all day meeting with slices, fruit and sweets in front of me and didn’t touch them. Actually I couldn’t believe I did that, I wasn’t even tempted.

The weight started coming off and I was seeing huge changes, this kept me motivated but the biggest motivator is the Facebook page. Usually in these types of groups I would read others posts but not contribute, but I started replying to questions and posting about my journey, and whilst I did this (replied to posts) I felt really great, like I can do this and I know this. It reconfirmed the success I was feeling. The Facebook page, it feels so safe, I even posted those yucky before photos. Every morning and every evening I will be scrolling through the comments, inspired by others results. Although I don’t know the members personally I feel like they are all my besties.

Maria Bike Riding in January

I have always been quite active with biking and tramping even though I was bigger but food was my downfall. Over the past few years I had quite a few issues with my hips, back and neck, since losing this weight (now 12kg) I have not had any complaints and stopped going to physio. I am actually enjoying my tramping a lot more, can handle my heavy pack much easier and look better in the photos.

My first round I lost 9.7kg and 43cm, then I went on holiday and off plan a bit but came back and got straight into round two and lost another 3kg and a few more cm. Since then I have has a few slip ups but can get straight back on track, I don’t have that self sabotage attitude and realise that this is sustainable. I love this programme, the support from the Facebook page and the beach fit girls is just awesome and I am sure is why this is so sustainable.

I am so looking forward to meeting Kim on her tour, reading the book and continuing with this journey.

Maria Hamelink”

Amazing Maria! I am so proud of your results and I can’t wait to meet you in May.

Kim x

PS. if you would like to start your journey, and achieve your goals, click here to read more about #noexcuses