Success Stories

See how Kim found real success with #noexcuses and lost 8kg!

“Last year I signed up to the Kim Beach #noexcuses eight week program.  While I never considered myself a large person, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable in my skin. My energy had reduced and I had ongoing abdominal discomfort.  I hit forty and that was that, I knew I had to do something.

The Kim Beach Facebook feed continued to show on my page as friends, and family liked the page.  Eventually I joined the community and a few days after that, there was no turning back, #noexcuses was purchased and I was underway.

Well three days into the program, as I approached Friday night, I was worried about my wine.  How would we live a weekend without each other?  I logged onto the #noexcuses support group, and there were all the experienced ‘lovelies’ posting their drinks, soda water and lemon, Chloriflo-some green drink I had never seen before, and us newbie ‘lovelies’ sharing the same Friday night concern.  Together we all got through the weekend, and were all up early on Monday morning for the latest exercise installment.  There was nothing more motivating than reading the post from someone who was up at 4.30 am and had already finished their workout, as I was dusting the sleep out of my eyes, tying up my shoe laces.  My strategy in the end, was to just get those shoes on and get started.  I would be half way through the workout before my brain really caught up with what was going on.

Kim and her kids before #noexcuses!

My results were fantastic.  I did not believe our scales were functioning properly (weighing too heavy), so I began my measurements two weeks in.

Date Weight Hips cm Right Leg cm Left Leg cm
20 July 65 kg 96 63 63
29 July 63 kg 92 60 60
25 Aug 60 kg 89 58 58
Sept 58 kg
October 56 kg
November 57 kg 82 54 54

Six weeks into the program, I hit 60kgs, I had reached my goal weight.  I had no intention of trying to be any lighter.  At some point in October, I returned from a run and felt particularly fit and light, and jumped on the scales.  I could not believe my eyes, 56 kgs.  I asked my son to read the scales, like kneel right down by the number and report back.  Yes! There it was 56kgs, and at this point I had not been “following” the program for a number of weeks.  I had begun to apply the principles all on my own.

I have taken my measurements today, especially for this blog, and am sitting comfortably at 57kgs.  BUT, the scales are only a guide, the real success is I have no abdominal pain, none!  I feel amazing, my memory has improved, and I am complimented regularly about how “well” I look.   Not only that, I am fit! And, so is my family.  I can climb summits, because mentally I know I can make it.  I know how to stabilise my blood sugar so I can function during the day, following a workout.

So where to from here, I purchased the #noexcuseslife book.  I am not following the daily program, but instead mixing and matching the treats, and trying new recipes.  Our BBQ’s have taken on a whole new look.  I am so grateful for the experience and the results.


Amazing Kim! So proud of your consistency and you are a huge inspiration to your kids!

Kim x

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