Meet the Gorgeous Janice who achieved all her goals with #noexcuses!

“Hi my name is Janice, I have 2 beautiful daughters and 1 handsome son in their twenties and a great husband! I’m 45 years only and work in a hospital in food services that includes making sandwiches and salads for patients.

In August I came across a program on Facebook called Kim Beach #noexcuses …. I became very interested in the program as previous weeks I was very sick with the flu and 4 lots of antibiotics later that was it…I needed to change my lifestyle for my well being. I emailed Kim to have a look at the program first as I have struggled with my weight all my life and have been on many weight plans, shakes, calorie counting, tablets, etc. that work at first but when you go back to normal living you would go back to the way you were or gain more weight… well looking at the program it didn’t take me long to join.

Janice before #noexcuses

Starting the program weighing in at 71kg…sticking to the food plan 100% but couldn’t do too much in the HIIT sessions due to a hip operation, but still walked no matter what. The one thing I loved most about the program was preparing the food the day ahead, being organised, enjoying cooking and loving the food and getting support by other people who are going through the same thing I am. Well coming half way in the program, family, friends and work colleagues commented on the way I looked and my weight loss… so half way I lost 5kgs, and a total of 18cm! WOW!! But it’s not until you compare your before photos to your ones now, and what a difference. Well continuing on the program to the end weighing in at 63kgs, 8kg loss and 22.5cm! OMG I am shocked with the results but look and feel amazing!

Well all I can say is a BIG THANKS to Kim Beach and her team supporters and the support from every one of the program…and to my two beautiful daughters, Amy and Emily for doing it with me… You have given me confidence, a better well being and taught me to love myself inside and out which I never did.

I have just completed #nolimits, lost 11kgs in total and achieved my goal weight of 60kgs!

I hope I have inspired others to take this journey as there is success at the end. But at the end of the day it’s not about the weight, it’s about your well being!

Thanks Again!”

Thanks so much for sharing your story Janice! I love that you have found yourself again and you look fabulous!

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Kim x