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Adele’s amazing #noexcuses Journey!

Adele after #noexcuses

“For years I have been yo-yo dieting, counting calories day in, day out trying to stay under 1200 a day to get that “perfect body”. I hired a personal trainer to try to stay on track but kept failing due to a lack of education and understanding of healthy, nutritious food. Instead I would just eat whatever I wanted as long as it fit into the designated calories.

Well after a year of PT and calorie counting I was at my heaviest weight yet, and was binging on anything I could when no one was watching. As I looked in the mirror I would be ashamed that I spent so much money on a trainer and worked out 5 days a week but felt like I was bigger than ever.

Adele before #noexcuses

That’s when I stumbled across the Kim Beach website. I read the amazing success stories that’s seemed so inspiring, but the biggest motivator itself came from Kim’s own advice about not having to count calories, instead being educated on healthy, nutritious REAL food!

Once I joined I was determined not to count the calories and focus on feeding my body the food it deserved. After staying consistent to the plan and training the same as I have for the past year I felt the weight dropping off rapidly and my muscle definition improving, even with multiple nights out.

I found that being consistent to the principles was the key to success. This program is not short term, it’s a way of life. You can be anywhere in the world and as long as you stick to the key principles you will achieve success, I promise!

I am looking forward to the future with my new fabulous body and would urge anyone who is feeling like they’ve tried everything to try this. Best of all, I don’t need to count calories ever again!!

Adele feeling fabulous after #noexcuses

I lost a total of 5.95kg in 8 weeks, and 41cm overall. I am now in the lower half of healthy weight range for my height and can see my abs starting to form.

Cannot wait for what lies ahead. So go on…what are you waiting for!!


You will have those abs in no time Adele! You look fantastic and I am so proud of what you have achieved!

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Kim x