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Meet Maria & see her fabulous 8kg results!

“Hi Kim

A bit about me! I moved to Australia from the UK in 2011 at the age of 40, with my hubby and two boys. I have always exercised and in 2013 went back home to run the London Marathon, a dream of mine since being a little girl.

Later that year I had a nasty accident involving my knee and it put me out of action for about 10 months. I tried to stay eating healthy and watch what I was eating as I knew I couldn’t exercise like I used to and have always been one of those people that put weight on just looking at a cake but I guess I took my eye off the ball and the weight gradually just crept on.

The photo that made me click the button!

The photo that made me ‘click the button’

I signed up for the beach fit community late in 2015 and have been a regular participant in the challenges. I kept seeing all these fantastic success stories but thought if I just upped my exercise I would get the weight back off.  It wasn’t until coming back of off holiday in May and seeing one particular photo, that I decided enough was enough and stopped making excuses and signed up to noexcuses that night.

Maria - before and after #noexuses - 8kg down

Maria – before and after #noexcuses & 8kg down PS: Love the T Shirt!!

I am an all or nothing girl when I commit to something. I will throw myself into it 100%. I am like a horse with blinkers!! So I gave up my flat whites! I just can’t go black!! Gave up my red wine! and committed to the weights and food 100%. I didn’t do all the cardio because my knee still doesn’t like running! But I did do the HIIT sessions, walked my dogs and cycled.

I am also lucky in that I have the best husband who supports me 100% he also gave up his wine and puddings (he loves puddings), ate some of the no limits dishes and trained with me pushing me along and supporting me where I needed it.

I can honestly say this is the best program, I didn’t once feel hungry or that I was missing out, if anything I was eating more than I normally would have throughout the day, I was just combining different foods.

I started at 79.1kg and ended up at 71.2kg and lost a total of 13cm from my belly and 7cm each of thigh. The only measurements as these were the bits I didn’t like!

I am continuing to feel awesome and doing my happy dance on a daily basis.

My next challenge after this awesome 8 weeks is to do one… no make that two unassisted pull ups, those blinkers are back on! I had the muscles they were just hiding!

Muscles 2

‘My new muscles!’

Thanks so much for this amazing life changing program

Kim and team you rock….


Thanks for sharing your FABULOUS story Maria, I love that my program has helped you achieved your goals and given you a whole new perspective on food and nutrition.

I am 100% sure you will be doing two or more unassisted pull ups in no time!!

Kim x

NB: If you would like to start your own journey like Maria’s please click here to find out more about my #noexcuses 8 week weight loss program x