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Tanya’s 9kg #superstar journey proves its just not all about the numbers!

Tanya’s story is truly inspiring, not only did she say goodbye to 9kg with #noexcuses and then #nolimits she also shares how her journey has helped her conquer some inner demons and helped her create a healthy fresh new outlook on life! This is her story…….

Tanya Family 2

Tanya and her gorgeous family

“I started this journey because I came back from a 6 week overseas trip with my husband and kids in August 2015 and hit the highest weight I had been since having my son 7 years ago.  At 70kgs, my weight had slowly crept up over the years, and I had tried a variety of programs to lose weight.  I found I could lose weight but was never able to maintain it, calorie counting definitely does NOT work long term.


Before and after on her Instagram page

My dad has type 2 diabetes and one of the main reasons to lose this weight and make changes was because I want to do all I can to make sure I don’t end up with it as well, a friend recommended Kim’s #NOEXCUSES program and the rest is history!

I found the program easy to stick to, even with 2 kids, working as a teacher full time, and initially my husband working in Melbourne and only home on weekends. I created a motivation word wall, prepped myself mentally and all my food.   The weight fell off me initially really quickly and then slowed down.  Christmas was tricky, but I was able to make really great choices and indulged a little bit without binging, I put on nearly 1 kg over a 3 week period with my rellies here from overseas but was able to lose it again within a week of eating to plan again!

No limits was a really tough challenge! I LOVED the weights sessions and pushing myself physically – I found myself gaining muscles I had never had before, and the shape of my body changed so much!  I found the plan difficult to stick to, but am having a few weeks off before I give No Excuses another go with Nolimits training as I would like my maintenance weight to be a bit lower to allow for “life”!


Post program and looking HOT!!!

Overall, since starting No Excuses in November, I have lost a total of 8 kgs, 35 cms total from my hips, waist and chest (15 from my hips alone!!) and recently bought a pair of size 8 jeans!

More importantly, I have found that my mental health has been profoundly affected.  I have lived with anxiety and panic attacks for the past 10 years.  Since starting this program and dramatically reducing my sugar intake, my anxiety is almost non-existent.

It will always be there, however it is nowhere near as severe or debilitating as it was for the past 10 years.  Literally life changing, and I can’t thank you enough for providing me with a program and philosophy of health and eating that is realistic and sustainable, plus providing such amazing support from Kim’s team – in particular, Anni and Geraldine have been so helpful and encouraging through the private support groups.

For anyone considering Kim’s 8 week programs – all I can say is, GO FOR IT! Believe in yourself, set some goals, use motivation boards and know that you can do it and it will feel amazing!


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