Meeting Helen – My New Superstar | Part One


Helen and her beautiful dogs

After spending what seemed like most of 2015 inside looking at my computer I decided that one of my ‘themes’ for 2016 was to be more social!

This goes for both my personal and professional life as I found myself saying ‘no’ to most invitations way too often last year (usually due to working too much), so 2016 has officially become the year of YES!

In particular I set myself a goal of getting out and meeting some of the amazing women who make my #BeachFit community such a warm and wonderful place. These are women who may have done my programs, women who take part in my weekly challenges but more than anything these are the incredible ladies who support and empower each other in the most positive and wonderful way every single day through my online groups.

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So a few weeks ago I set a food challenge for my #Beachfit Challenge number 21 and had some simply AMAZING entries from all over Australia and New Zealand. I awarded three prize winners that week but one really caught my eye and it was an entry from a lady who also had recently completed by #noexcuses 8 week program. Her name is Helen and I surprised her by announcing in my video post (above) advising the winners that I was coming to see her in her little town of Buninyong, Victoria in a few weeks’ time.


Helen’s Stunning Chilli Chicken Con Carne

Well yesterday was the day I finally got to meet Helen and what an amazing day it was!

I was up at 4AM to get everything organised for Mr Beach and the kids before they woke up, then Ally arrived at 6AM and we are off to the airport, both very excited!

Due to the rain in Sydney, traffic was almost at a standstill so we just go to the airport in time and had a chance for a quick coffee before we boarded our flight to Melbourne.

I am not much of a flyer (even the small bumps make me very nervous) but it was an enjoyable smooth flight and in no time we had safely landed at Tullamarine Airport.


Neither Ally or I are too keen on flying

After getting the keys to our rental car from the little rental office, we walked to where it should have been and guess what…. No ‘as booked’ small automatic rental car where it was supposed to be! So back to the office and we are given a new set of keys to what turns out to be the biggest people mover in history which we now have to drive for the day!


Our ‘small compact’ rental car!

Ally turns out to be a very good navigator with the help of Google and we are soon on the road to Ballarat in our mini bus and I have to say it was my first time seeing country Victoria and what a beautiful part of the world it is.


Having some fun on the way to Helen’s house

So about an hour and a bit later we find our way to Helen’s lovely place in Buninyong and I finally get to give Helen a massive hug!! I think she was a bit nervous at the start having the #BeachFit team arrive in a mini bus but we soon got over that, I was able to spend the next few hours finding out all about her.


Amazing to finally meet you Helen

Helen is one very special lady  (I find out that day she is also a qualified Personal Trainer but more on that in part two of ‘Meeting Helen’) and it was an absolute pleasure to spend a few hours with her in her home learning about her life and then seeing and hearing about her journey over the past few months which I am honoured to say included successfully doing my #noexcuses program and becoming an important part of my #BeachFit community.


Helen’s amazing Vision Board

She also prepared a fabulous lunch for us which included the amazing Chilli Con Carne that she created to win the competition (and soon to be available to download on my website) and much to my excitement my own sticky nut slice!


Sticky Nut Slice YUM!

All too quickly it was time for Ally and I to get back in the bus and head back to Melbourne but I feel truly blessed that I got to meet Helen in person and I can’t wait for her to share her #noexcuses journey with you which will be part of her #superstar blog which will be posted this coming Sunday night.


MasterChef at work

Thanks Helen for having us, it was amazing to meet you and be welcomed into your home – I can’t wait to share your own special journey this coming Sunday.

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my programs will definitely help you achieve your goals! Click here to read all about my programs and please email my team and I on [email protected] if you have any questions at all.

Kim x

PS: I have a few more surprise visits planned this year so please get involved in my weekly #BeachFit Challenges (it’s a free group that you can join by signing up for my email updates and you will be sent the link to join) and it may be your place that I visit next (hopefully in a normal sized rental car!)


Thanks so much for having us x